Movies: Que pena tu familia


This morning when I signed into Netflix, I began searching through my list. I list movies that I:  a) want to watch or 2) have already identified as a favorite.

3 months ago, I had listed Que pena tu Familia, watched about 15 minutes, then never went back. It one in a trilogy of movies from Chilean directing prodigy, Nicolas Lopez. Lopez co-wrote and directed last year’s Chilean earthquake disaster film, Aftershock. Starring Eli Roth.

So this morning instead of skipping past it, I started it from the beginning and was instantly hooked.

It stars the delicious Chilean boy, Ariel Levy, as Javier.

Javier is married to Angela and she’s just had their son. They’ve known each other since grade school.  Javier runs a business from home, but is a bit of a slacker. Angela is an actress and soon lands the role of a lifetime in the TV series Ataque al Corazon (or Heart Attack for all you gringos out there).

Javier’s mother dies and it throws him into a depression that lasts for months. He finally snaps out of it the morning he has an important presentation. After making out with her producer, Manuel, the night before at a wrap party, Angela decides that she’s not happy and wants to split. The presentation goes to hell with Javier leaving after breaking down crying.

Javier and Angela begin the divorce process.  Javier is forced to move in with Waldo and Jesus, his gay friends that are rather…um…”unconventional.” Angela moves on with Manuel.

Javier has a difficult time meeting women, has a couple of comically bad encounters and is introduced to his assistant’s mousy cousin, Valentina, a stewardess. They date/live together for about 3 months. But after getting drunk and fighting with Manuel at Angela and Manuel’s wedding, Valentina tells Javier they should see other people then lands a starring role on Ataque al Corazon.


Javier and Angela’s son, Oscar, one day asks Javier why Angela hates him. When he drops Oscar off, he and Angela decide they need to remain friends for the well-being of their child.

The movie ends with Javier meeting another girl he knew in grade school and we can tell that she’s going to be the one.

Its well acted. The storyline keeps you involved and even makes you cry (well I cried) at certain parts. Santiago, Chile looks beautiful. Nicolas Martinez, who plays Waldo, has gorgeous eyes. It is subtitled not that it’s that distracting.

PLUS, Eli Roth, named changed into Elias Robles, makes a cameo playing lusting, lothario Dr. Zacharias. My favorite scene

A good piece of entertainment.






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