Music: The Beatles


I really love The Beatles.

George Harrison is my favorite and most of the songs he wrote are my favorite songs. Especially While my Guitar gently weeps. Rubber Soul is still my favorite album. Closely followed by The White Album.

I can actually pin point when and where my love began. It was The Beatles Anthology. So this would have been November 1995 when the documentary was broadcast.

My then-roommate, R., purchased Rubber Soul for my previous birthday but I was really into The Doors at the time so I rarely listened to it. We watched The Beatles Anthology and I was just so captured by the story and by the music.

We watched Hard Day’s Night and Help! and Magical Mystery over and over. R. & I collected Beatles facts like kids collect Pokemon cards today.We could name “the Fifth Beatle” (depends on your source. Some say poor Brian Epstein other say Billy Preston) et cetera.


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