TV Shows

We (roommate and I) don’t have cable.  Or TV of any kind. But we do have Netflix & Amazon Prime. Roommate is trying to decide which to keep we have a free month of AP right now.

So we’ve been watching different TV Shows recently: Low Winter Sun, Peaky Blinders, Reign & Revolution.

Peaky Blinders is great. Cilian Murphy and Sam Neill are amazing in their roles. I’m glad that reality TV is giving way to scripted TV again. Low Winter Sun’s beginning and ending are sharp and surprising. .Revolution is probably one of my favorites.

My problem is Reign. Its a CW show. Its supposed to take place during the days of Mary, Queen of Scots. during the 16th century.

Where do I begin?

The show uses 21st century music for this 16th century period show and it doesn’t jive. It pulls me out of the time period that the show is trying to create.

Mary and her ladies-in-waiting wear clothing that looks straight out of a Jessica McClintock ad.  I’m a stickler for these types of details.


reign ladies in waiting                                                                      16thcenteurope


The Dauphin Francis, The Dauphin’s bastard brother, played by the handsome Torrance Coombs, and a supposed Portuguese prince all have designs on Mary, yet she’s able to get the upper hand with them and the other men around her.  Uh huh.

These are things that bother me about this show.







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