Same old same old here. Still attempting to keep my spirits up while searching for a new job.

At the best of times, I am beset with depression. This latest setback has me wondering about how I’ve conducted my life. Was it a good decision for me to get my Bachelor’s Degree since it hasn’t done anything for me? Should I have left my job in 2005 just because I couldn’t get on with my boss?

I look back and wonder if I’ve completely screwed up my life. I look at things and see that not much has changed for me since I first moved up here as a 19 year old college student in 1993. All my peers (people who I graduated high school with) are married and have families and homes and cars and 401(k)s.

I’m still single with no kids. I’m still renting. I’m still broke.

I don’t know how to change this situation that I find myself in.


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