An update

Haven’t kept up on this blog in a while.

As the saying goes, Man proposes, G-d disposes. Moved into another living arrangement because my former roommate got physical with me and I wasn’t going to take that from anyone. Especially when I financially supported him and his children for two years.

I was working for an attorney but he was too anxiety inducing for me to continue working for him. I began working for a Financial Services company on November 8th.

2015 has been a rotten year. I’ll be glad when its over, but at least I have a new job and new roommates and a cruise to look forward to for January.

I’ve been reading, of course.Mainly Civil War non-fiction as per usual.

I finished Cokie Roberts’ Capital Dames. An excellent read about women and their role in Washington, DC.

I also finished Ronald C. White’s A. Lincoln. A must read for anyone interested in Abraham Lincoln. Also a recommend from the Civil War section on Goodreads.

I also finished Walther A. McDougall’s Throes of Democracy: The American Civil War Era 1829-1877. This one was intrigued me the most. All the technological, political, social and economic changes that were going on in the US simultaneously during this period would be enough to blow your mind. Add to that tumultuous mix, the slavery argument. It was a powder keg waiting to explode.


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